What does a ‘good job’ mean to you?

Younger employees are under no illusion about job security and don’t expect employers to supply it like older workers do, according to a survey by Business Insider. But some other things never change: Workers of all ages value a good salary, health insurance, paid vacation and a retirement account. Interviews suggested that as employees aged, the value placed on prestige lessened and a good company culture became more important. Today’s workers are unique in their pursuit of personal fulfillment.

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The top worst passwords of 2018

“123456” continues to be the most popular worst password, according to digital security company SplashData’s 2018 ranking. The six digits held the top spot for the fifth consecutive year. Similarly, “password” remained in the second spot. “12345678” was knocked to fourth place by “12345789,” which climbed three spots to third place. “12345” remained in fifth place. New additions to the top 25 include “111111,” “sunshine,” “princess,” “654321” and “donald.” SplashData estimates 10% of people have used at least one of the list’s top 25 passwords.

Unstable markets punish world’s rich

The world’s 500 richest people saw their wealth slashed by a collective $511 billion in the past 12 months as the then-record gains accumulated in the first half of 2018 were rapidly extinguished in the latter half of the year, Bloomberg reports. Tension around international trade and growing concern about a possible a U.S. recession has seen markets plummet in recent weeks. It was only the second time the daily wealth index of the moneyed elite that make up the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has declined since 2012.

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Who are the authors?

The are special human beings who conceive the ideas. They converts their ideas into words and phrases. They make good sentences from these words and phrases. Sentences then organized into paragraphs. Paragraphs are the organized into chapters. Chapters compiled into books.

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